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What We Believe

Our Mantra is to be elegantly inefficient, for at Meticulous Spirits the time we invest in creating our liquid art is just as important as the physical ingredients from which we craft our artisanal spirits. The proof is evident in our handcrafted, micro-batched spirits, which provide a supreme enjoyment together with a luxurious, complex, and nuanced drinking experience thus elevating those shared moments with friends and family.

Imbued in our spirits is the belief that it is not only our responsibility to provide our customers with the most memorable and delicious spirits available anywhere, but to also make a positive, lasting impact on everyone who comes into contact with our brands, including the environment itself.

We achieve these goals through interaction with our Meticulous Society members, and with charity organizations such as One Tree Planted, for which we donate proceeds from every bottle sold. There is only one Earth. It’s our mission at Meticulous to leave it in better shape for future generations.

How We Deliver

Every great and enduring civilization, and brand, was built from a solid foundation. At Meticulous, ours is built upon our know-how, attention to detail, our invested team, and carefully sourced ingredients. Neither Rome nor Rum (et al) was built in a day.

Meticulous’ symphony of incomparable flavors is comprised of many notes. From the chorus of botanicals creating the essence of our Gin to the southern roots in Louisiana for the Sugarcane based ingredients in our Rum, to the world-renowned vineyards of California that provide the grapes for our Vodka, to the final crescendo felt in all of our spirits conducted together by our low mineral proofing water which is sourced from springs fed in the rolling hills of Italy ~ each fermentation is prepared using our proprietary long-fermenting wine yeast (which develops a higher alcohol content over time in the mash,) thus we create a stronger foundation from which to distill our spirits.

Having firmly laid the ground, we then begin to construct each product individually. Every spirit we distill is then crafted in small quantities in our copper column stills under precise and meticulous conditions, whilst micro-batching our distillate in 1 gallon glass containers to achieve the precise cuts we desire from each run. These cuts for each spirit are then precisely blended back together to create our signature expressions for each spirit in our portfolio.